Offices Lleó XIII

Barcelona, 2016 These offices are located close to Tibidabo Avenue, in an old building where we find a house classified as a heritage building dating from 1902, next to a second auxiliary volume located at the back and a patio that communicates the two buildings. The conceptual layout allows the interior spaces to adapt to […]

Office Design Centre
Figueras International Seating

Lliçà d’Amunt, Barcelona 2016 Figueras’ International Seating Design Center is located in one of the brand’s production warehouses. In this way, there is a tangible bond between the design and manufacturing processes of a product. In the same facilities, in an adjacent building, one can locate the headquarters of the company. Being located within the […]

Paseo Santa Eulalia

Barcelona,  2015 Property located in the Paseo Santa Eulalia. It is a home for business use where spaces like the hall, the cloakroom entrance and bathrooms catch prominence. Walnut and textured glass shape this project.